Motive Emotive, these two words sum up my life. But I was never asked about this when discussing my football or my work. Somehow, being Indian or a woman, an outsider or a minority was deemed more important a discussion point. And yet, this missed the point of my being completely, no matter how much influence being these things may have had on my life.

I use a depth camera in my work.  It cares only for the motion of a person, the sex, colour or age of the person is irrelevant. Data, a world where veryone is reduced to numbers, something we all say we never want to be. And yet, not one person has looked at the most basic visualisation of themselves as simple white pixels and said anything other than, “wow, that looks beautiful”.  “You are beautiful” I agree.

Noone looks at a visualisation of themselves jumping and turning through the air and groans that their hair looks funny, their facial expression is all wrong, missing the whole beauty in what they are doing. These abstract visualisations, strip of superficial qualities and all that remains is the beauty of the motion, of a moment, of someone just being and doing what their heart desires.

“Permi strikes me as someone who is never afraid to make her heartfelt calls. This opens up her work to whatever field she will walk into. I’d say thats a free spirit in the best way. Pure!”


“Permi’s camera sees you just the way you are: no distraction, no hiding, no bravado. She solely captures your movements but still they reveal all of you. It’s truly mind-blowing.”


“I’ve never had this great feeling of understanding as I have with her. Her talent on what she does is incredible.”


“To me your work is “essence in motion… it is timeless, extremely poetic, unique and incredibly stunning.”

Tatiana Ocelleo Heintz

“I had never experienced video technology like this before … The best way I can express it is … I saw my “cool blue soul-self” in action and by gosh, it was sweet.”


“Permi’s Project Motive Emotive reflects her energetic and emotional way of seing people expressing life.”


“Permi created a piece of art that touches by the effortlessness and the ease of movement, stripped of complexities of identities such as gender, color, or cultural backgrounds, leaving the essence of sheer beauty and joy of movement. A kaleidoscopic, fluid, ever-changing dance of life”